Karhu Running Shoes Finnish The Race

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Karhu Running Shoes Finnish The Race
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The Karhu running shoe is the newest shoe to enter the minimalist arena. Hailing from Finland, Karhu means 'bear' in Finnish.Known for their bright colors the shoes are designed to remind people of the city of Helsinki. Originally, Karhu's were visually headed in another direction, they sported a familiar three stripes, which they sold to Adidas in 1951 for what today would be 1600 Euros and a bottle of whiskey.

Karhu running shoes made a splash and won five gold medals in the 1920 Antwerp Olympics. Next, in the 1924 Olympics, Paavo Nurmi won five gold medals for Finland in his very white Karhu shoes.A true leader of the pack, Karhu was the first company to use nylon and air cushioning in running shoes. After that, Karhu's reputation as a top running shoe producer was solidified.

In the 1980s Karhu worked with the University of Jyvaskyla to develop their 'Fulcrum Technology.' According to the dictionary, a fulcrum is a pivot around which a lever turns.Karhu's fulcrum design encourages mid-foot strike instead of a heel strike. These shoes are designed for racing, made evident by the way the fulcrum propels you forward.

In fact, it's been said that Karhu running shoes can make you faster. Stand up straight yet let your body lean into each stride.This will place your mass over the front of your foot. In turn this will enhance your foot's natural spring mechanism.

Now concentrate on reducing any unnecessary arm movements. Rather, your arms can be used to help enhance your forward movement.To do this, swing them gently forward and back, not across your body. If possible, try to keep each arm level with your waist and lower chest.

This is where Karhu running shoes come in. These shoes are made to reduce wasted energy. Furthermore, they aid in forward propulsion. Why not start with ahead of the pack: Karhu's were meant to lead.